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Competition ends 27 May 2011

From the creators of SPIRITED AWAY comes Hayao Miyazaki’s homage to Jules Verne and Jonathan Swift. LAPUTA – CASTLE IN THE SKY was the first feature film from the now legendary Studio Ghibli and combines the Japanese master director’s twin obsessions of eco-thriller and aerial escapades and turns a treasure hunt into a fight against evil for an unforgettable adventure.

Orphan Pazu dreams of escaping from life in his dreary mining village, until the day that the beautiful Sheeta literally falls out of the sky. Round her neck she wears a glowing crystal, a relic of the mighty Levitation Stones that once kept ancient cities floating in the air. Caught up in a race between sky pirates and sinister government agents, Pazu and Sheeta go in search of Laputa, the last of the fabled castles in the sky.

Extras: Storyboards (PiP) / Promotional Video (12 mins 38) / Behind the Studio (11 mins 46) (new): The World of Laputa, Creating Castle in the Sky, Character Sketches, Producer’s Perspective: Meeting Miyazaki / Textless Opening and End credits / TV Spots / Original Japanese Theatrical trailers

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Region: 2
Certificate: U
Doubleplay: Contains both Blu-Ray & DVD


In this beautiful classic anime, what is Laputa?

1. It’s a castle in the sky
2. It’s a… er..
3. It’s a thing. A thing a bit like a… giraffe. Yes. That’s it. A giraffe


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Competition ends 27 May 2011

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