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Competition ends 21st March 2012

Following on from a warm reception at Cannes, Julia Leigh’s challenging debut feature Sleeping Beauty is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on 27th February – and we have three copies of the Blu-Ray to give away!

Australian student Lucy (Emily Browning) is desperately trying to pay her way through college, so the opportunity to earn good money for waitressing in her underwear isn’t one she’s going to pass up. But after a couple of gigs pouring wine with her boobs out, her boss Clara (Rachael Blake) offers her another, much more lucrative job.

Why be paid to waitress when you could earn more money for just having a nap? Lucy’s new position is simple enough – she drinks a cup of sedative-laden tea and falls asleep in a luxurious bedroom, only to become the unconscious plaything of some very unusual old men. Mind you, having your face licked by a naked pensioner whilst you’re passed out beats working in MacDonalds…

What happens to Lucy while she sleeps?

1. Lonely Australian men interfere with her
2. She suffers from restless leg syndrome
3. Her mates scribble on her with permanent marker


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Competition ends 21st March 2012

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