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Welcome to the BestForFilm eBook: a comprehensive, no-nonsense and hopefully seriously helpful guide for those wanting to get into the world of film journalism.

Firstly, congratulations on choosing a career path that is almost impossible to navigate; we like your style. Bond’s got nothing on you, and frankly, he drinks like a girl.



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Here’s what you can expect to find:


Film journalism qualifications

• Can a film journalism degree really help?
• Lack of film journalism qualifications – what to do next


How to write film reviews that get published

• The film journalism industry – what it’s really like
• Getting the basics right
• 6 Steps to writing great film reviews
• Improve your film writing skills – tips and resources
• Impress online editors – How to write film reviews for the web


Promoting yourself as a film critic

• How to establish yourself as a film critic with a blog
• Turning your film reviews blog into an online CV
• Getting people to read your blog and trust your voice as a film reviewer
• The DOs and DON’Ts of film blogging
• The DOs and DON’Ts of promoting yourself as a film critic on Facebook and Twitter


Submitting your film reviews to publishers

• Researching film review sites and film publications
• Where to submit your film reviews and features
• Matching a film publication’s house style
• Appealing to editors


How to get a regular paid job in film journalism

• Film journalism internships
• Places to look for film review jobs / freelance
• Job interviews at film publications – how to prepare and what to expect


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