Film Blog of the Week: Popcorn Addiction

Film blog: Popcorn Addiction
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Example post title: Indiana Jones and the Great Debate: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Popcorn Addict is one of those lucky aspirational types who has managed to secure themselves writing gigs for their number one love: films. He’s a contributor-at-large for HeyUGuys and, with a gently witty style and an eclectic approach to celluloid.

This blog is regularly updated, and don’t be fooled by its quirky low-key style – it’s quite opinionated. Even in Film News, where you can expect to see tart commentary on Harry Potter trailers and a righteous love of Joss Whedon.

If you follow Popcorn Addict for a while you’ll see he has a sneaking respect for wholesome teen movies (yes, Hanna Montana, we’re looking at you), but one of this guy’s strengths is he’ll apply his full focus to any movie put in front of him. Winnie the Pooh… Thor… Fast Five… he’ll review them all and judget them on their own terms.

Popcorn Addict, we salute you!

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