There’s more than one Santa out there…

‘Ex-mas’ is a movie which is as unanticipated, and imaginative. No one could have seen it coming. Johnny Depp creates a fantastic portrayal as the jolly Santa we all love. It starts as a cold Christmas, and Santa is walking merrily down the street, whistling. Then unexpectedly two cops accompanied by Ashley Rogen, (played to perfection by Jennifer Aniston), jump out and call for backup. Whilst Santa looks around wondering who the culprit is, 15 more cops run out of the forest. Soon Santa is handcuffed and whisked away to jail, leaving us in the utmost suspense.

The following scene starts with Santa’s helpless screams which could be heard for miles, but this jail was shown to be in the middle of nowhere. Rogen ruthlessly interrogates Santa in a black room, cold and unnerving, complementing Rogen’s personality, intelligently. The story slowly begins to unfold, holding suspense, when a newspaper is smacked down onto the table, and the headline screamed, ‘Santa’s escape-RUN!’ When more of the article is shown, Santa is seen holding a prison number in a jail cell, And as the article is read on, it shouts about the murders Santa committed, all the houses he robbed on Christmas, and most importantly, now he’s escaped it sends out an urgent message, ‘people beware’.

When Santa, looks at Rogen, then the newspaper he freezes, and then through his flashbacks we discover that when he was young he remembered a boy who was exactly like him in appearance, he remembered that boy for years, even though he only saw him once when he was with his parents. The flashbacks add interest to the scene massively, cleverly directed by Yates.

The next scene shows Santa, (Depp), wide-eyed and petrified, struggling to get his words out, He manages to say, “I’ve been framed, not me….never…twin…” Then he faints dramatically, and Rogen calls for a doctor and then scene fades dramatically out.

Rogen surprisingly believes Santa when protests it wasn’t him, (we find out later this is because she was the Santa’s criminal twin’s ex-wife). She goes undercover, with the help of Santa, to find her ex, and there is an anticipating chase, to catch the fake Santa, (who Carrey stars as brilliantly). The last scene ends with the fake Santa, (Carrey), smiling after managing to escape prison, and murdering someone who was close to him…

So who did the imposing Santa murder, how did he escape prison, who was captured and put in prison? Find out by watching ‘Ex-mas’, don’t hesitate, because it’ll be too late…

By Rebecca Perveen

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