Revenge of the Leprechauns

As is the case with most Christmas movies, Revenge of the Leprechauns is a film that largely appeals to children and adults alike. Full of humorous and heaet-warming moments, this animated feature is the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit.

The film opens with Santa’s elves busily hammering away in the workshop, making toys for girls and boys all over the world. Dong, (Bale) the head elf, is in a state of frenzy as further supplies of material that were due to arrive that day are nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, Clang (Hardy) discovers that the elves do not have sufficient magic to conjure up the required materials out of thin air and Santa (Caine) has specifically requested that he should not be disturbed until Christmas Eve.

Not knowing what else to do, Dong reluctantly asks the leprechauns for help as they are known to have stored magic away for emergencies. Lenny, (Sheppard) the oldest leprechaun and Dong’s arch-enemy agrees to lend them a bottle of magic – but at a price. He wants the elves to bring him Santa’s most precious possession – the magic sack in which he keeps all of the toys.

When the elves trick the leprechauns by giving them an ordinary sack that looks exactly like Santa’s real one, the leprechauns fly into a rage and take all of the elves prisoner so that they cannot finish making the toys in time for Santa to deliver them on Christmas Eve. With a little help from the reindeers, Dancer (Cohan) and Rudolph (Felton) as well as a snowman named Frosty (Sulkin), the elves figure out a master plan to escape and save thousands of children around the world from being heart-broken on Christmas.

Refreshing, funny and utterly ridiculous, this is an adventure that you will not want to miss. Lovable characters and an incredible star cast make it highly enjoyable and it is definitely the best Christmas movie of the year.

by Mehak Naaz

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