Stay Frosty

The year is 2058. The date is Christmas Eve. Global warming has caused the Earth’s temperature to rise to the point where winter is almost a thing of the past. Maximillian Cash (Roberts), CEO of Future Presents, the World’s biggest toy company, sends Hans Morgenstern (Lundgren) & his team of mercenaries into the forests of a rapidly thawing Siberia on a seemingly futile mission to find & kidnap Santa Claus (Attenborough).

Unfortunately for Morgenstern & his men, Santa Claus is not alone. Siberia is one of the last safe places for Jack Frost (Austin). Jack knows that only Santa’s magic is keeping Siberia cold & that if he is gone too long then Jack, Siberia & the whole World are doomed. But in the face of violent men, rising temperatures & a ticking clock, can even Jack stay frosty enough to save the day?

By Simon Walsh

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