The Last Noel

Nick Saint’s mother dies during childbirth. His grandfather died on a Christmas Eve & his father disappeared the same day, leaving Nick an orphan who had no belief in Santa Claus or Christmas. Driven by a need to learn the truth about his father’s disappearance Nick Saint studies for a career in the FBI & is soon Special Agent Nick Saint; a resourceful, deadly agent with no sense of fun.

Nick’s life is turned upside down one Christmas Eve when he gets a letter from his father, begging for help. Nick heads for Alaska where he finds a truth he could not have imagined; his grandfather was Father Christmas, his father took up the mantle when Nick’s grandfather died & intends Nick to take it from him when he dies.

Nick’s disbelief is quickly put on hold when he & his father are attacked by the minions of Lord Winter; an evil supernatural being who killed his grandfather & is determined to take the power of Father Christmas for himself.

What started out as a voyage of discovery becomes a fight for survival as the estranged father & son fight to save not only themselves & their relationship, but Christmas itself…

“Breath-taking, Thomas & Rhys-Davies sparkle”. (The Alaskan Herald)
“Nick Saint is the coolest Santa if them all”. (Moving Pictures Magazine)
“Five Star Festive Fu” (The Daily Star)

By Simon Walsh

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