Best For Film Presents… 3 – Season of Fists

Following our traditional holiday to Tatooine in September, BFF Presents… is BACK! Back at the Genesis Cinema, back in the Paragon Bar, back serving up the best combination of short films, music and borderline-illegal cocktails this side of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. And this month we’re hitting you with everyone’s favourite theme – GANGSTERS.

That’s right – in keeping with the shifting seasons, the indecisive weather and the debate over whether or not Danny Dyer is going to go full mental and kill everyone in Eastenders, we’re showing three films that at first glance seem very dissimilar but all have something in common – men walking on the wrong side of the law. What could be more autumnal? Everyone knows fog is the best time to do a crime – just ask Jack the Ripper, who did his best work just up the road from the Genesis Cinema. Do you even need to read any more than this? Just book your ticket, you schmuck.

This month’s films feature a wide variety of hats, a startling panoply of sneers and at least one apparent reference to Bedknobs and Broomsticks (more on that story later). We’re very proud to be presenting the following short films, all followed by Q&A sessions with their respective directors:

JUST REWARDS, a Tarantinoesque thriller by prolific writer-director Aaron Weight

GET ME TO ISTANBUL, a comic noir ultrashort from Jack McHenry

SWITCH, a “tale of humility and despair” from first-time director Jordon Sendall

We’ll also be serving up delicious pies, signature cocktails, a really hard quiz and music from our very own Harry Harris (ask him about his Wu Tang cover). Tickets are available now for the low, low price of FREE, and we pledge to give the first twenty-five people through the door a sticker. First ten get a drink, maybe.

This month’s Best For Film Presents… will be held at the Genesis Cinema from 6-11pm on Tuesday October 8th. We’ll see you there!

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