Cinema Preview: 29th January – 5th February

Looking for the top picks and hotly-anticipated cinema releases for the next month? Or maybe the ones to avoid if you can’t make up your mind in the foyer? Then look no further…

Friday 29th January Releases


From Armenian-Canadian director Atom Egoyan comes Adoration, the story of Simon (Devon Bostick), a orphaned Canadian who becomes obsessed with the newspaper story of a would-be terrorist. Worryinglyly influenced by his racist grandfather, Simon begins to transplant the details of the newspaper story onto his own life, dangerously mixing fiction and reality. A hit at the Cannes Film Festival, it’s bound to be a low-key, emotional affair.
Anticipation rating: 7

Edge of Darkness Poster
Edge of Darkness
Based on the BBC’s landmark 1985 political thriller of the same name – and directed by Martin Campbell, who also directed the TV serial, Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale and the upcoming Green Lantern film – Edge of Darkness is a taut, gripping mystery that’s bound to do well at the box office. Mel Gibson stars as Thomas Craven, a Boston police detective investigating the murder of his daughter, with Ray Winstone co-starring as the CIA agent determined to keep the truth of the murder secret. Tense stuff.
Anticipation rating: 8

Precious Poster

Precious: A Novel by Sapphire
Already a strong contender for the Oscars, Precious makes the list purely on the strength of having such an unlikely cast for a gritty, hard-hitting film. Mariah Carey features as a tireless social worker, American comedienne Mo’Nique as an abusive mother and hipster Lenny Kravitz as a nurse in a harrowing and uncompromising tale of abuse, hope and ultimate redemption in the Harlem slums. Not easy watching by any stretch of the imagination, Precious is nevertheless one of the year’s standout dramas.
Anticipation rating: 8

The Princess and the Frog Poster

The Princess and the Frog
A massive commercial and critical success stateside, and boasting a cast that includes Oprah Winfrey and John Goodman, The Princess and the Frog is sure to stand out for its relative uniqueness in the modern age of kids’ films – it’s honest-to-goodness cell animation. It’s certainly refreshing to see a break away from the endless barrage of cheap (and often slightly creepy) CGI, and its old skool musical numbers, charm and pencil-and-paper feel are bound to get Disney afficionados and new fans alike clamouring for a seat.
Anticipation rating: 7

Friday 5th February Releases

Astro Boy Poster

Astro Boy
Returning to CG animation, Astro Boy is an all-action romp aimed at younger viewers, and based on the hugely popular Manga comics and TV show from – where else? – Japan. Looking like a cross between an advertising mascot and a Cabbage Patch Kid, Astro Boy is the robot superhero charged with protecting humans from various insane androids, alien invaders and dodgy sushi in a future megalopolis. Previews and the trailer don’t exactly look inspiring, though, so we reckon we’ll stick with Akira.
Anticipation rating: 2
Invictus Poster
It’s heavyweight time! Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Matt Damon and the velvet-voiced one himself, Morgan Freeman, Invictus is a biopic with a twist. Freeman plays Nelson Mandela, newly elected as the president of South Africa, a nation still divided by racial tension and distrust. The 1995 Rugby World Cup is looming, and in an effort to unite his countrymen Mandela approaches Fran├žois Pienaar (Damon), the captain of the Springboks Rugby team who are universally reviled by South Africa’s black population. If they can gain everyone’s support, it may mean the start of the new era for the troubled nation. Invictus is bound to be sincere and worthy, and with Eastwood helming, it’s likely there’ll be a lot to enjoy.
Anticipation rating: 6
Youth In Revolt Poster; Michael Cera, You Used To Be Cool
Youth in Revolt
Gah. Just when you thought it was safe to head back to the cinema, here’s another Michael Cera indie flick where he plays some hapless cutesy teenager with a crush on an out-of-his-league girl he’ll inevitably end up with. Gah, gah, and gah again. These things are pretty much a monthly occurrence now, and if this one has anything new or interesting to say or do we’ll be highly surprised. “Typecast” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Sack your agent, Mike.
Anticipation rating: 0

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