Daisy's Christmas Stocking #4 – Eve's Christmas

It’s not quite irony, but Alanis would be into it. Eve’s whole name is a pun on Christmas, but she’s much too busy and important to celebrate it. She’s in New York, which we know from A Christmas Wedding Date, is the only suitable location if you’re successful, soulless and on the brink of a magical change. And her bad boyfriend/boss who is not quite divorced has bailed on their Aspen trip. We know, from Secret Dear Santa, that bad people try to get out of going to Aspen.

Eve gets drunk with her pal, shrieks histrionically, gives a nickel to a weird hobo and is told to wish on a Christmas star. And after drinking more, watching some home movies alone and ringing up her now married ex fiancé, she does just that. And she wishes to wake up in 1994, engaged, unemployed and living with her parents.

After an emotional reunion with her old dog, and some close up shots of the tinsel on the bannisters, we see the obligatory “I just got hit by a newspaper and Oh My God It’s Really 1994!” scene. The hobo is a magical guardian angel who is giving her seven days to change her ways and see if she’d be happier married to her old flame. Well, natch.

1994 looks like a blast. Her friends are slackers. They go to karaoke. Her fiancé, Scott, sings songs to her. There’s a make out point. And even though her friends are frightened by her new city slicker thirst for gin and tonic, they’re fundamentally decent souls. As is lovely Scott. And her lovely Mum, who has made a strange advent calendar out of felt, giving Santa a luxuriant curly beard right at the top of his trousers. Hmmmm.

Still, Eve, despite regular admonishments from Hobo Angel, is determined to ditch Scott and get back to the city. She just can’t stay the course in her old life – she gets fired from her coffee shop job because she can’t work the espresso machine and is the only person in 1994 who knows the word ‘barista’. She takes Scott on a romantic date, even though she has no clothes to wear that don’t make her look like Van Morrison. She fights with Scott about the failing family book store. She’s not sure about the future. Mom, a WAY FOXY Cheryl Ladd, tells her to follow her heart. Hobo Angel appears on TV and tells her to stop writing her ‘Dear Scott’ letter.

Eve stops her weird pretend French wedding planner from putting all her bridesmaids in pleather, and decides to get married. Her boss to be rings her at the rehearsal dinner, begging her to be his intern, and she calls him out for being an asshat. Hurrah! However – OH NO – Scott finds the letter that future Eve wrote, in the past, or something, and drives out into the woods in his pick up truck to sulk. The letter is delivered in a VO.

Eve explains about coming back from the future, and Scott makes her promise to see a shrink. They wed. But her seven days are up! Will Hobo Angel make her go back? She’s going to wish on the Christmas star! Nope, she has to go back. She wakes up all alone in her fabulous New York penthouse. All alone because…Scott is peeing! They’re still married! The failing bookstore is now basically Amazon! And the Hobo Angel gets a festive chauffeur outfit! HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!

Eve’s Christmas is as temptingly nauseating as an egg nog latte, but worth a watch after days of low budget festive hell, as it has reasonably high production values. And sexy Cheryl Ladd. http://credit-n.ru/offers-zaim/moneza-online-zaym.html http://credit-n.ru/microzaymi-blog-single.html http://credit-n.ru/offers-zaim/creditplus-online-zaimi.html

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