Friday Drinking Game #10 – Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Looking back at the Friday Drinking Game series, (I couldn’t bothered to look at all of them) there have been posts on trilogies, quadrilogies and someone who obviously used this section of the site to moan about Avatar (shame on you John Underwood for slurring Jim Cameron’s eco warrior, sci-fantasy, mercurial movie-making opus!). Instead let’s take on Edgar Wright’s mercurial movie-making opus; if it doesn’t leave you drunk it will surely have you in a daze with its hyper-kinetic visuals, which may result in you regurgitating the contents of your stomach. Now lets try to get as drunk as Falstaff does in Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part Two, and he gets filthy drunk although we really, really do advocate drinking responsibly. Except on Fridays.

Take one sip when:

Kim Pine scowls – so you’ll be doing that quite often then.

Someone says Scott Pilgrim’s name. Considering everyone is out to get him, you may be off your rocker by the time we hit the half-hour mark.

Someone has a drink in their hand. Doesn’t matter if its a mochaccino or some decaf latte, SIP!

Cera stares blankly at the screen. This one could cause brain damage. He’s confused throughout.

This is a bonus one but take a sip whenever someone mentions Scott’s drinking habits. Scott Pilgrim was a bit of a boozer, just like you are at this moment in time.

Take two sips when:

There’s a reference to Final Fantasy, Pac-Man or Zelda. Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World is the best video game movie THAT’S NOT BASED ON A VIDEO GAME. That told Hollywood not to screw with video games, didn’t it?

You see an X – if there are multiple Xs in a scene then calm down, have two sips, multiple Xs in a scene we will count as one just to stave off mental incapacitation (it’s coming, don’t you worry about that).

Ramona changes her hair. I could include flashbacks but that might be a bit naughty… so I will include them.

Scott says he has to pee because odds are you’ll have to pee soon afterwards.

Take 3 sips when:

Scott gets punched in his face. If you don’t like Cera then drink to his demise, if you do like him then drink to his eventual victory!

A character repeats a line of dialogue. It happens more often than you’d think and you may be repeating your own lines thanks to the alcohol destroying the cells in your brain.

Canada gets dissed. Its fun to rag on Canada (even if it is a very nice place which is why it’s fun to do it!)

Swearing is blocked/censored by black bars. Swearing is bad even when you’ve watched Jack Black in another film and find him to be f@%*ing irritating.


Whenever someone tells a character to “finish him”. Do you even need me to tell you this, it’s video game 101!

When someone mentions shaggy hair. If you don’t want to down it, you could pour the rest of the drink on your head, it’s probably better if you have shaggy hair. I really don’t know why you would do that though.

Whenever someone gets KO’D. Your body won’t thank you for it but at least if you go out and have a fight, you won’t feel a thing.

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