Friday Drinking Game #6 – Quentin Tarantino

To accompany you on your philosophical journey, all you need is your beverage of choice (the larger the better), whichever Tarantino film takes your fancy and our special guide to viewing and imbibing. Enjoy, and remember that BFF always advocates responsible drinking.

Take one sip whenever:

A major character gets shot.
If you’re really hardcore, take a sip whenever anyone gets shot; but don’t blame us if you’re on the floor by the halfway point.

A character gains a nom-de-plume.
Or nom-de-samurai, nom-de-beretta, nom-de-disguise. Whatever.

Whenever there’s a flashback.
If you’ve already seen a character in the flashback die, feel free to reward yourself with more alcohol.

Take two sips whenever:

Someone tells a long-winded, Tarantino-esque story.
If you fail to see any point whatsoever of said story, even better. If you totally understand Tarantino’s subtext then you’re either a douche or already drunk.

There’s a nice, drawn-out torture scene.
Also drink for anything involving eyeballs, severed limbs or a slow death.

There’s a popular culture reference
Of course the Bible counts as pop culture. Jesus was, like, the Justin Bieber of his time.

Take three sips whenever:

Quentin Tarantino’s ego outweighed his common sense and he cast himself in a cameo.
And yes, he is in Inglourious Basterds. You just have to be uber owl-eyed to spot him.

Someone taking drugs leads to bad things
This is obviously a trick. Drugs ALWAYS lead to bad things, kids!

Down your drink whenever:

The majority of people in a room are actually dead
Extra points if said corpses are wearing some sort of uniform. And al fresco counts (see Inglourious Basterds).

That briefcase in Pulp Fiction is opened.
If, after the lid is lifted all the Nazis are zapped by lightening bolts and bad guys start melting, one of your party has drunkenly swapped Pulp Fiction for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Stop the game.

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