Orange(Wednesday)s and Lemons #88

*Rayne will be kicking us off, providing you with with the citric treats and trials of this week’s cinema landscape. Over to you:*

Rayne (Not a type of weather):
My orange is going to Tower Block this week. We’ve seen precious little of Sheridan Smith since her Gavin and Stacey days and who doesn’t love a good whodunit? My lemon is going to The House At The End of the Street. Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress but from the looks of the trailer, she’s wasted in this. How many more “quiet-quiet-quiet-scary bit,” horrors do we have to go through? We went on Wikipedia to find out how it ends and we can assure you it’s not worth it.

Orange Choice: Tower Block
Ultimate Lemon: The House at the End of the Street


Kayleigh (wannabe Batman):
This week, I shall be sharing my orange with Jennifer Lawrence as we check out her starring role in new horror film House At The End Of The Street. Oh yes, I’m AWARE of the fact it hasn’t been getting great reviews – but when did critics ever take horror seriously? I want this to be good. No, I need it to be good. Jennifer Lawrence deserves only the best, after all. On the other hand, I’m going against my English degree and hurling my lemon squarely in Shakespeare’s face. Globe On Screen: All’s Well That Ends Well can only end badly. If people want to experience the majesty of the Bard’s work at The Globe, they should, I dunno, maybe GO to The Globe? This feels almost as wrong as Dickens opening a Twitter account. Or Jane Eyre being turned into an erotic novel, in the manner of Fifty Shades Of Grey. OH WAIT A MOMENT, THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED! Pop culture, how’s about backing the fuck away from the classics please? Thanks.

Orange Choice: The House at the End of the Street
Ultimate Lemon: Globe on Screen: All’s Well That Ends Well


Alex (genuine Spartacus):
Orange this week goes to the fantastic Tower Block, which is might look bleak and dreary, but is actually a taut and tense thriller. What with years of Hollywood actioners and our rampant gun-culture (the Daily Mail told us that’s what we live in – frightening, no?), you’re probably a bit blasé about guns. Well Tower Block will remind you why they’re scary.
Lemon has to go to Woody Allen comedy To Rome With Love, which isn’t awful, but tries so hard to be quirky and irreverent that it forgets to be funny.

Orange Choice: Tower Block
Ultimate Lemon: To Rome With Love


Tash (shoots horses with crossbows for fun):
I’m in a right pickle of an orange situation this week; finding myself wanting to split my citrus refreshment between two films – Hysteria and Killing Them Softly. One, a free-wheeling, bodice-shaking expose history of the vibrator with actresses like Maggie Gyllenhaal and Sheridan Smith doing lots of lovely surprised faces, the other a Brad Pitt-led dark comedy about the frustrations of life as an assassin. We all know how it is. But speaking of being picked off swiftly by a sniper, I can’t believe Katniss Everdeen herself has allowed her blossoming career to be taken down by such a shoddy, cliché-ridden horror mess. House At The End Of The Street? Tash At The End Of Her Patience.

Orange Choice: Killing Them Softly
Ultimate Lemon: Now Is Good


*Split opinions this week, then! Will you be paying a visit to The House at the End of the Street? Let us know!*

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