Short Film of the Week – Feed a Freelancer

Over the past four years, more than one hundred interns, freelancers and assorted underpaid scribblers have passed through the hallowed halls of Best For Film. Our former corporate overlords had a nasty habit of not inviting them to the Christmas do, which is why we’ve always made a point of going to the pub with them as often as possible in the festive season. And every other season, come to think of it. Drinking is much better training for being a journalist than eating and writing are, anyway.

However, man cannot live by wine alone (apparently), and an enterprising gang of freelancers headed up by writer-director Tom Bryan have put together this lovely little short to highlight the importance of making your short-term team feel part of the family. Have a watch.

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The mournful cadence of “No-one invites you to their Christmas meal” is about the saddest thing we’ve heard this holiday season (apart from seeing a perfectly good Pret sandwich flung onto the ground – who does Moneybags McYellowscarf think he is, a Mail columnist?), but we’re basically in love with this little short and the message behind it. FEED YOUR FREELANCERS, people. Or send them to Best For Film – we may not have eaten since that time Lily Allen retweeted one of our blogs, but the booze is always flowing at BFF Towers. Happy Christmas!

Are you a starving freelancer? Share your stories of festive rejection below!

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