Short Film of the Week: Guaranteed Sex

Director: Torrey Meeks

Best For Film managed to grab a quick chat with short film director Torrey Meeks…

How the hell did you end up making this demented (though useful) Film Short?

Guaranteed Sex is the product of a demented British mind that goes by the moniker Anthony Morcom. He scrawled this story on a paper napkin alone in the corner of a dingy bar in Tangiers. We struck up a conversation on the mating rituals of bonobo monkeys shortly thereafter. Before that he had been discussing the construction of a rocket ship with an empty bar stool. I stuffed his fevered scrawlings in my back pocket, bought him half a bottle of whisky to put him around the bend, and continued on my way to the Algerian desert. Ten years later, I turned it into a short film.

Best short film-making experience?

Finding the perfect location after everything else had fallen through and all hope was lost.

Worst short film-making experience?

Attempting to execute a dolly zoom on a skateboard dolly with a handheld focus pull. It was a doomed endeavour.

Are you a short film maker?

If you have a short film on YouTube, get in touch at [email protected] or nominate it below. We’d love to hear from you – maybe your film short could become our next Short Film of the Week!

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