Short Film Spotlight: Cooks

Great news! We’ve decided to carry on our series of video interviews from Best For Film Presents… We Like Short Shorts, because nobody objected to the one we ran yesterday. Apart from literally everyone who we actually interviewed, that is – but screw those guys, we’ve got our money’s worth out of them. So it’s time to do it again!

We’ve written a lot about the boys from Bustabowl Productions in the last year or so. First they won some mad festival prize for their film about a rapist wizard (not Half-Blood Prince, but we see how you made the mistake), then they made the quite startlingly brilliant The Better Man, and now (at our urging) they’ve finally completed the film that future generations may view as their masterpiece – a twenty-six minute riot of masturbation, private detectives and, of course, Cooks. If you didn’t make it to last week’s BFF Presents… then you’re a ghastly human, but we’ll forgive you if you watch the trailer now:

The observant among you might note that that trailer has been on YouTube for a little over two years, and our confidential mole in the Bustabowl inner circle repeatedly told us that Cooks would never make it to the screen. But after a quite unduly stressful chain of events involving a National Express coach, a flash drive, a really inconveniently timed court case and Oxford, we managed to wrest the master copy from co-director Josh Bennett (sadly missing from the lineup below) and finally bring it home to the Genesis Cinema, the venue for The Better Man‘s premiere and probably the best place on earth to watch a film about two dysfunctional kids’ TV presenters, a suave butcher, a man who may or may not be a real private detective and Duncan Vicat-Brown, who is a coiled snake. What must you never do to a coiled snake, children? Comment with the answer below to win a prize.

Right, that’s enough of us going on. With no further ado, we present the (slightly NSFW) Best For Film Interview with some of the key talent from the team behind Cooks – reading from left to right, the gang are:

Richard Wallace (co-writer/John Slacks, PI)
Matt Tindall (co-director)
Tom McInnes (co-writer/Adrian)
Duncan Vicat-Brown (Wolfie)

Your interviewer, as ever, is John Underwood. This time he’s even taller than usual.

Our thanks to everyone who appeared in the video and/or Cooks, the Genesis Cinema, interview cameraman Jamie Drew and of course Tom’s Nana. God only knows where we’d all be without her. And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the last of our We Like Short Shorts interviews, with the aforementioned Jamie and some of the cast and crew of his film Anna vs. the Dead!

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