Super Accessories: the shopper’s guide

If you would like to flick through our catalogue we have compiled a list of our ten most popular items for your ease of shopping. Each has been given a short description along with a recommended retail price. If you wish to further your interest into a viewing or purchase please do not hesitate to contact us and arrange an appointment. We are located on the planet of Ursa Minor Beta and our phone number is 4. Enjoy your browsing!

#10 Daredevil’s Billy Club

This is a vicious weapon which can be carried incognito when needed; disguised as a blind-man’s cane. Containing 30feet of aircraft control cable connected to a case-hardened steel grapnel this is not a toy for children. An internal mechanism ensures neat winding and unwinding of the cable so there are no messy tangles to worry about.

The handle can be straightened for throwing and the seemingly single unit of the club contains two separate parts; a fighting baton and a curved hook. A very handy ally.
R.R.P £1,000

#9 Batman’s Utility Belt

This is an incredibly fashionable item designed by the best of them. At Jupiter Fashion week last May it was said to be as influential as Coco Chanel’s Little Black Dress in the 1920s. Frank Miller’s original 1986 design comprises of military style pouches, a buckle containing a camera or a two-way radio (state preference when purchasing) and a secondary compartment on the inside of the belt to hold the ever useful batarangs.

Tim Burton made a little addition to the design in 1989; he added a motor so the pouches move around the belt. This makes for much easier access especially when on the move.
R.R.P £ 1,000 (Original)
R.R.P £ 1,250 (Additional Motor)

#8 Penguin’s Umbrella

This is a very maneuverable and unsuspecting weapon. Disguised as a functioning umbrella it contains an arsenal of weapons; including a machine gun, swords, missiles, lasers and acid spraying devices. If none of these work – very unlikely unless you are up against superman himself – you can make a quick getaway by using the helicopter addition.

For a limited time only we can offer a spiral patterned Penguin Umbrella. The advantage of this extra feature is the power of hypnosis over your enemies (or whoever – up to you).
R.R.P £ 2,000 (original)
R.R.P £ 2,250 (hypnosis feature)

#7 Captain America’s Shield

Any warrior worth his salt will have one of these on him at all times. The creation of this virtually indestructible shield was commissioned by the American government and created by Dr Myron McLain. The concavo-convex metal disc is approximately 2.5feet in diameter. It is made out of the super-strength vibranium-iron alloy mix while the shape is that of the hatch on a tank (as the mould used to make the shield is usually used to make tank hatches). The modern editions have been fitted with electronic and magnetic components to facilitate control while in flight.
R.R.P £5,000

#6 Silver Surfer’s Surfboard

For those that wish to avoid intergalactic public transport here is an answer! The beautifully flash piece of kit is commonly known as the Silver Surfer’s Surfboard. Silver is the colour this winter so get yours early!

This beautiful vehicle gives users the ability to navigate interstellar space, dimensional barriers and hyperspace all faster than the speed of light. Its glossy finish will never fade as it is impervious to all damage. What more could you possibly want?
R.R.P £90,000

#5 Thor’s Hammer

Designed by the ever fashionable Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott of the House of Marvel; Thors hammer is said to possess the ability to level mountains. It never misses, always returns and is fluctuating in size so it is always useful; even if you just want to tenderise some steaks!

The vintage style is evident in the square grey head and short handle wrapped in brown leather; a very authentic look. The power of this weapon is immense; creating vortices and force fields and emitting blasts of energy are just some of the powers thrust onto the lucky owner of this limited edition item! The owner will be bestowed with the power of Thor – so be sure you’re worthy before whipping out that plastic!
R.R.P £90,500

#4 Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth

Once wielded by Diana of Themysira, Princess of Earth, the lasso of truth is a powerful weapon for a very powerful woman. Also known as the Magic Lasso and the Golden Lasso this weapon forces anybody that is trapped in it to tell the truth as well as giving the wielder the power of mind control over the trapped body. The strength of this rope in unparalleled – even Hercules cannot break it – as well as being infinite in length. Despite all this the item is in not cumbersome; quite the opposite actually. It roles up into an aesthetically pleasing very fashionable golden accessory.
R.R.P £100,000

#3 Green Lantern’s Power Ring

The Power Ring is one of the most understated pieces in out collection and one that is very in vogue at the moment. Despite its small size this is hailed as the most powerful weapon in the universe. It contains a variety of effects that are sustained purely by the ring bearer’s imagination. When worn the ring creates a powerful force field around the wearer allowing them to fly as well as travelling through inhospitable environments and hyperspace.

Acting as an advanced computer this ring is essential for long difficult journeys; it will give helpful advice on situations while also acting as a universal translator.
R.R.P £450,000

#2 Ironman’s Exoskeleton Suit

Created by the genius Tony Stark this suit is made out of exceptionally strong material which bolsters a force field and has a self-contained environment. It runs of multiple power sources so you never have to worry about it cutting out. The suit itself sports an array of weaponry including (but not limited to) a Chest Repulsor Transmitter (Chest-RT), jets located in the boots (which can also be used for flight) and repulsors in the gloves. This virtually impenetrable suit will equip the wearer with everything they need to take on an army.
R.R.P £500,000

#1 Sauron’s One Ring

This is by far the most powerful and elegant piece we have to offer. Before any potential customers will be allowed to view the One Ring they are required to undergo specialist evaluation to determine their level of discipline, will, spiritual development and mind. If said potential customer is evaluated at a high enough level they will then be given the opportunity to wield the most powerful item in existence.

Sauron’s One Ring bestows the wearer with a handy indefinitely extended life, with the added bonus of preventing natural ageing. In some cases it will allow mind reading while amplifying any inherent powers. The invisibility factor can be useful but be warned; you will only be invisible to those that cannot perceive the non-visible world. The most attractive features are control over the other nine Rings of Power and domination of the will of other beings.

This beautiful golden band is inscribed with the Black Speech in the language of Tengwar (devised by Sauron himself). It is written in the most beautiful of all scripts (Elvish) and translated it means:

One ring to rule them all,
One ring to find them,
One ring to bring them all,
And in the darkness bind them.

This item is the more powerful than you can imagine; be sure you are capable of wielding it before considering purchasing.
R.R.P £1,000,000,000,000,000

If there are any other items you would like to see featured in our catalogue please leave a comment below and we will try to order one in for you. Thank you for shopping with Super Accessories, we hope you have found what you were looking for!

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