TGIM! All You Need Is Lynch (doo dah doo doo doo..)

Starting on Wednesday, the immensely physically appealing folk at the BFI are commencing a series of screenings of all of David Lynch’s films. ALL OF THEM. Twice! Things kick off with an introductory discussion with season curator Anthony Todd at 18.10 on Wednesday (fully booked, upsettingly) and come to a close on the 29th with Mulholland Drive, and many tired but happy brains.

But don’t worry if you’re not a citizen of our fair capital. For those north of the wall (there’s still a wall, right?), Edinburgh’s Filmhouse cinema are also going to be screening all of Lynch’s films between the 10th February and the 11th March. To sweeten an already sweet deal, they’re also offering a number of discounts to anyone who attends multiple screenings! Lovely.

Here at Best For Film Towers we’re violently divided into two camps; the first half are already nervously huffing amyl nitrate and screaming obscenities in anticipation of Blue Velvet, while the Mulholland Drive camp are ruining their wives’ jewellery and passionately lezzing out. There isn’t a single film in the man’s canon that isn’t worth your time – yep, even the underrated Dune – but if we had to put our sensible hats on and make one recommendation, how about Wednesday’s screening of Eraserhead preceded by a rare chance to see his early shorts on the big screen? It’s like film student NIRVANA. So find your rabbit mask, stick Crazy Clown Time on your iPod and get ye to the BFI.

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