TGIM! Night of the Black Mass Allnighter

Easter is upon us and, for those of us who have forgotten the true meaning of the holiday, Roxy Bar & Screen have the perfect solution…

“What better way to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ than to pay homage to his arch-nemesis, the Angel of Light himself – Lucifer?”

According to scholars, Jesus Christ rose from the grave on April 24th somewhere between 30 and 36 A.D. But Satan’s been around forever, you know. So, on April 7th, why not settle down for a DEVILISHLY good night of fun? Think desecration, death and eventual rebirth; Filmbar70 has got it covered with this all-night ritual of The Night of the Black Mass.

So what’s in store?


Demons (1985)

Satanic allnighter
There’s no better way to kick the evening off than with a visit from the Devil’s spawn itself; demons! These ravenous creatures of the night enter our world through the portal of cinema itself, killing and possessing all humans in their path. Bet your Creme Egg has lost its flavour NOW, hasn’t it?


Evilspeak (1981)

Satanic allnighter
You know what we need more of? Devilish incantations via the computer. Thank heavens for Evilspeak, which takes a military social outcast and grants him the power to inflict all the power of the minions of Hell onto his tormentors. In the 80s, this was an exciting new concept. Nowadays, we like to call it spamming…


Satan’s Blood (1978)

Satanic allnighter
You know what people ALWAYS forget about Satan? Just how gosh darn sexy he truly is. This film is all about getting jiggy with the devil; ridiculously raunchy, fantastically provocative and superbly sacreligious, we couldn’t be more down with Lucifer if we tried.


The Black Cat (1934)

Satanic allnighter
If you’re ever a newly-wed in need of medical attention following a road crash, do NOT head to the home of a Satan-worshipping priest. It never ends well. On the other hand, it does make for a haunting story and an ultra-stylish Black Mass. That’s all we’ve ever wanted from life, really.


Fear No Evil (1981)

Satanic Allnighter
We all know that high school is a terribly hellish place already, but it becomes even more so when one of the students turns out to be SATAN HIMSELF! It’s a bit like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, if Ferris was an ungodly demon and didn’t actually take a day off.


A night of perversity, decadence and blaspheming? We couldn’t be more down ready to join the coven.

Tickets are £15 (£7.50 for Roxy members) and can be acquired from the official Roxy website.

Will you be going along for a night of devilish decadence? Or do you think this is a slight against the Lord himself?

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