TGIM! Pop Up Screens and BFI Japanese Season

London has often been called ‘the city of film dreams’. Ok, it has never been called that, but it should. This week the capital has a multitude of movies for all your moods. Kicking off this evening, the ever benevolent BFI Southbank has laid on a treat for us all with the second part of their Japanese Masters of Cinema series focusing on the works of Kaneto Shindo and Kozaburo Yoshimura.

Writer/Director Kaneto Shindo died in May this year aged 100 (woah) and made many of the most highly regarded films in the history of Japanese cinema alongside lifelong collaborator Kozaburo Yoshimura. Making films in the aftermath of Hiroshima greatly shaped these two filmmakers who each went on in later years to create their own separate works as well. Shindo shaped the face of Japanese horror with his films Onibaba and Kuroneko which are arguably two of his best known works. One of the films that the BFI are showing is The Owl, Shindo’s follow up film to Onibaba which was made in 2003 and is a horror movie described as a ‘rondo of sex and death’. Your Monday is beginning to spice up a bit already!

The program also includes The Osaka Story, Night River and the intriguing sounding Bamboo Doll of Echizen. Night River was directed by Yoshimura and is a look into the changing face of Kyoto focusing on the post-warn clashes between tradition and modernity. The film follows the life of a modern Kyoto woman and her affair with a married scientist and it is one of Yoshimura’s most beautiful and moving films. Night River is kicking the event off tonight and starts at 6.20pm. Tickets cost between £5-10. (Bargain eh?)

Now from the ridiculous to the sublime (or should that be the other way around)? ANCHORMAN! Pop Up Screens is heading over to Lewisham, south east London this week to bring you another outdoor film fest! The company is opening its doors on the 20th – 22nd July screening Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Napoleon Dynamite and Ghostbusters. What’s the deal with Pop Up Screens? Well, they are an outdoor cinema who only show proper cult movies of course and we are ashamed you have never heard of them. There will be a fully stocked bar available for all of your alcomohol needs and hot food from Tucker’s Exotic Meat Shack (wait for it) who will be serving up buffalo, ostrich, springbok, wild boar and wildebeest. Holy meatoly! How can you resist all of this joy before you?

For those of you who are not so meaty, fear not! There will also be lashings of halloumi burgers for you to devour and lovely freshly made popcorn to purchase. The gates will open at 7.30pm and the nearest stations are Ladywell, Lewisham DLR and Brockley Overground. Remember to bring things to sit on, jumpers and (let’s face it, summer is never going to happen) umbrellas. Tickets are £8 per film or if you fancy all three £20 OR if you fancy buying a season ticket £50 for every film showing all over London!

Not free this weekend? Then never fear Pop Up Screens will be on the move again at the beginning of August to Acton showing Weird Science, Submarine and Zoolander.

A world of delights awaits you, Monday lovers. Get out there and start watching!

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