TGIM! The UK Green Film Festival

Only in its second year, the UK Green Film Festival has already grown by a rather frightening measure – going from a programme that spanned five venues in 2011 to one that involves thirteen venues across twelve different cities this year. Showcasing films that try to highlight, tackle and explore current environmental issues in an entertaining way, it’s a perfect way to meld a passion for film with a bit of middle class guilt. And if that isn’t the BFF way, we don’t know what is.

If you don’t particularly fancy spending your weekend glazed-eyed in front of Burton’s fangless Dark Shadows or the toothy Piranha 3DD , why not wrap your mouth around some GOOD LEARNING about this world and stop worrying about how many baseless analogies this sentence contains. The Green Film Festival has venues in the following cities: Altrincham, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Glasgow, Inverness, Leeds, Leicester, London, Newcastle, Nottingham York – surely you live in ONE of those places, right? At least one.

So what are this year’s films centred on? Our senseless eating habits is a topic covered – not just the problems we face but how we solve them – in Taste The Waste, the corruption within the fossil fuels gets a hammering at the hands of the pithily titled Greedy Lying Bastards, the trials and tribulations of Veganism is brought to the fore in Vegucated and documentary Happy mixes true stories and scientific research in an attempt to figure out just what it is we silly wee humans are all striving towards. Oh and just loads more. Would trailers be easier? We feel like trailer might be easier here:

and while we’re at it here’s the organiser John Long talking very intelligently about the whole affair:

Go on, give the planet a well-earned hug and stock up on your apocalypse knowledge this weekend. Chicks dig oil facts, right? Knew it. The UK Green Film Festival is running from the 18-20th May; for more information give the official site a proper clickaroo here

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