This week’s releases: the trailers

Out this week: The Dictator, Two Days In New York, The Raid, She Monkeys, Even The Rain Iron Sky

The Dictator

Ah Sacha, it’s good to have you back. Tackling an actual narrative rather than championing the mockumentary style that brought international fame for his Ali G, Borat and Bruno, The Dictator follows the world’s most cheerful autocrat – as well as what happens to him when he’s unceremoniously dumped in Noo York city. Will it change the world? Probably not. Will it make you lark? well, when are Megan-Fox-is-A-Prossie jokes NOT funny?

Two Days In New York

By all accounts a smart, sharp and rather gloriously funny sequel to 2007’s Two Days In Paris, Two Days In New York sees the return of Julie Delpy’s Marion, this time shacked up with her new partner (Chris Rock) and their kids from previous marriage. HILARIOUS FAMILY MISHAPS AHOY!

The Raid

We. Cannot. Wait. To. See. The. Raid.

She Monkeys

A really very impressive directorial debut from Swedish director Lisa Aschan, She Monkeys is a dark, occasionally comical and at times disturbing look at female sexual awakening, not to mention horse-based gymnastics. Surely you love both of those things?

Even The Rain

Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal heads up this timely drama about a Spanish film crew determined to uncover social injustice in Bolivia, who end up perpetuating the very crimes they are there to denounce. A strong cast, a hard-hitting message and plenty of arguments about whether water itself should be privatised – it’s a film that will stay with you long after them credits roll.

Iron Sky

Did someone say Nazis on the Moon? This silly, cheerful and almost certainly ridiculous sci-fi B-movie carries on the noble tradition set by such classics as Snakes On A Plane – if you make it insane enough, they will come. The Nazis are attacking Earth from the Sea Of Tranquility – but only for the next week, so make sure you RUSH to your nearest cineplex. Or, you know, wait for the DVD and watch it pissed. Your call.

Got a favourite? That isn’t The Raid? You can’t have The Raid, it’s too easy.

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