This week’s releases: the trailers

Out this week: Free Men, Men in Black 3, Moonrise Kingdom, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Snow White and the Huntsman (Wednesday)


Free Men

It’s a shame that nobody will actually see Les Hommes Libres, because it looks bloody brilliant. Ismael Ferroukhi’s exploration of the Algerian community in occupation-era Paris could almost be a prequel for Rachid Bouchareb’s superb series on Algerian independence and its repercussions, and the underappreciated role of French Muslims in harbouring fugitive Jewish children deserves more exposure. Probably our pick of the week, if only because Moonrise Kingdom really doesn’t need our support.


Men in Black 3

J and K are back for one last mission, ten years too late and without the Fresh Prince providing a soundtrack. It’ll be inoffensive enough, but we just can’t see this long-overdue threequel reaching the heights of the previous instalments – there are literally no talking-dog jokes left in Hollywood, after all, and isn’t Rip Torn in prison or something. Go see it for all the old jokes plus Josh Brolin’s uncanny Tommy Lee Jones impression and an unexpected turn from Emma Thompson, not for anything especially new or exciting.


Moonrise Kingdom

We have endless faith in Wes Anderson, and the King of Indiewood’s latest looks set to strengthen his grip on his kooky crown. Moonrise Kingdom contains literally everything we love about cinema – Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, forbidden love, boy scouts, lightning and Bruce Willis. Festival audiences in Cannes have rhapsodised about it, and we suspect we will too – everyone loves a bit of quirky New England comedy on a sunny day, right?


What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Why on earth is Katherine Heigl not in this film? It’s a mystery up there with the architects of the Mayan pyramids and the depths to which Lindsay Lohan will sink for her next hit. Based on a popular pregnancy manual (no, really), this sickening nonsense is basically a pastiche of men trying to be manly when they have children strapped to them and women weeping over their clearly fake baby bumps (sorry, bitch, but there’s no way your ankles aren’t even a bit swollen). We look forward to What to Expect When You’re Expectorating, the in-depth guide to how best to spit in the director’s face once you’ve found the bastard.


Snow White and the Huntsman

Confidently expected by everyone in the world except Papa Neish to be better than Mirror Mirror, this fresh-ish take on the classic fairytale sees Kristen Stewart’s Snow White transformed into some sort of medieval guerrilla (not to be confused with Chris Hemsworth, who plays a medieval gorilla). Expect lots of swirling capes, OTT special effects and sub-Pan’s Labyrinth monsters getting axes thrown at them. Oh, and Charlize Theron repeatedly turning into birds. Standard.


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