Top 10 Horse Cameos in Films

#10 – Jarhead, 2005

BFF: Jarhead is about a soldier in the first Gulf War, played by Jake Gyllenh –
Mr Jingles: Horse? Jake Gyllenhorse, right?
BFF: No that’s not right. It’s Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s an actor.
Mr Jingles: Oh. That’s much worse.
BFF: And in this film he plays a soldier confronted with the futility of war. In one great scene, he encounters a lone horse in the desert, covered in oil and wandering amidst the smokey, burning landscape. It’s a symbol of the innocence lost in the name of a pointless conflict.
Mr Jingles: That sounds awful. Horses don’t like being covered in oil.
BFF: Have you ever been covered in oil?
Mr Jingles: I don’t want to talk about it.

Neigh or Nay? NAY. There’s only one horse in this film, and it’s covered in oil. NEXT.

#9 – Ladyhawke, 1985

BFF: Ladyhawke is a classic 80s fantasy film about a woman (Michelle Pfeiffer) who turns into a hawk in the day, and a lady at night. She falls in love with a man who turns into a wolf at night and a man in the day which means they can never be together.
Mr Jingles: Hahahaha.
BFF: Don’t laugh! It’s a tragic romantic tale.
Mr Jingles: That sounds stupid. When are you going to talk about the horse?
BFF: OK! So, in the film, the man (Rutger Hauer) has a lovely horse called Goliath. Interestingly, this film made that kind of horse – a Friesian – very popular.

Neigh or Nay? Neigh. The horse gets a lot of screen time and kicks other people’s butts which is cool.

#8 – Fish Tank, 2009

BFF: Andrea Arnold’s film tells the story of Mia, a fifteen-year-old whose life is turned upside down by the arrival of her mother’s new boyfriend (Michael Fassbender). We’ll have to wait and see whether any horses will cropping up in Arnold’s new film, Wuthering Heights.
Mr Jingles: What about the horses in this film?
BFF: Well, along the way, Mia comes across an old horse tied up next to a caravan and tries to free it. Mia’s kind-hearted treatment of the horse belies her bolshy, bad-mouthed attitude. It’s a lovely strand of the story, and quite sad.
Mr Jingles: What? Why is it sad?
BFF: No reason.
Mr Jingles: Nothing happens to the horse, right?!

Neigh or nay? Nay. You’re making me worried.

#7 – Melancholia, 2011

BFF: Lars Von Trier’s latest film Melancholia is an atmospheric spectacle detailing the lives of the mentally unwell Justine (Kirsten Dunst) and her sister Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg) while they await what could be the end of the world. The film features some amazing sequences involving Justine’s horse, but we won’t say more in case we give anything away.
Mr Jingles: I like the horse in this film. He’s really cool and there’s a bit at the beginning with him in. But he’s not in the film enough. All those bits where Kristen –
BFF: Kirsten.
Mr Jingles: Whatever. All those bits where she’s on screen, they should take those bits away and put the horse’s face there instead.

Neigh or Nay? Neigh. I haven’t seen the whole film because it was boring. But the horse kicked butt.

#6 – True Lies, 1994

BFF: James Cameron’s action comedy stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a spy who disguises his true identity from his wife, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. It featured some hilarious sequences, such as Arnie jumping on a police horse and pursuing the baddie (on a motorcycle) through the streets of New York. He then has to get into a lift, whilst still on the horse.
Mr Jingles: Hahahahaha! This is the best!
BFF: We agree! It is pretty funny wh-
Mr Jingles: I love how the horse scares the stupid people in the lift, and flicks his tail in the old lady’s face. Go horse! That horse kicks butt.
BFF: Why do you keep saying that?


#5 – Michael Clayton, 2007

BFF: Michael Clayton is a crime drama written and directed by Tony Gilroy and starring George Clooney –
Mr Jingles: Who?
BFF: George Clooney. He’s an actor. An Oscar-winning act-
Mr Jingles: Who’s Oscar?
BFF: Never mind. Anyway, right at the beginning of the film, Michael – who’s kind of a lawyer – is driving home from meeting with a client in the early morning. He stops and gets out of his car because he sees some horses on the bank of grass next to the road –
Mr Jingles: Horses? How many?
BFF: Three, we think.
Mr Jingles: Cool. Go on.
BFF: Anyway, he stops to look at the horses and while he’s admiring them his car blows up behind him.
Mr Jingles: So it’s almost like the horses saved him?
BFF: We guess you could say that.
Mr Jingles: Horses are the best.

Neigh or Nay? Neigh. The horses saved the day, and there are three of them.

#4 – The Godfather, 1972

BFF: So most people are probably familiar with this scene. In The Godfather, the character of Jack Woltz – a Hollywood movie producer – is “sent a message” by the Mafia by having the head of his beloved racehorse left in his bed. It’s an iconic scene and…Why are you making that face?
Mr Jingles: I’m mad at you.
BFF: We’re sorry but it’s such a famous scene. It had to go on the list.
Mr Jingles: I should kick your butt.

Neigh or Nay? NAY, duh.

#3 – Tangled, 2010

BFF: Tangled is an animated film which reimagines the story of Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore). There’s a great character in it called Maximus. Mr Jingles, would you like to hear about Maximus?
Mr Jingles: No. I’m still mad at you.
BFF: But Maximus is a horse. Not only that, he’s a great horse. He starts off working for the Captain of the Guards, where his job is to hunt down the bandit, Flynn Rider.
Mr Jingles: You mean, he’s enemies with the human?
BFF: Yes, he is. At first.
Mr Jingles: Oh. But he does cool stuff in it?
BFF: Yep. He kicks butt.

Neigh or Nay? Neigh, I guess.

#2 – The NeverEnding Story, 1984

BFF: This is a classic kids film from the 80s about a boy who discovers a magical world by entering a book.
Mr Jingles: Books are for humans. Horses don’t like books. Except for eating.
BFF: Would you stop that?
Mr Jingles: *mutters something indecipherable* I want a sugar cube.
BFF: The NeverEnding Story was famous for a scene involving Atreyu (Noah Hathaway) and his horse, Artax. Whilst travelling through the Swamp of Sadness, Artax succumbs to the magical powers around him and sinks into the swamp. It is widely considered to be one of the saddest film moments of all time.
Mr Jingles: Why are you doing this to me? Why would you even ask me to come here?
BFF: We’re sorry. But we think you’ll like the next one.

Neigh or Nay? Nay comment.

#1 – Lord of the Rings, 2001-2003

BFF: So taking the top spot is the Lord of the Rings series, which features numerous horse cameos. Most notable are Gandalf’s horse, Shadowfax, and Aragorn’s horse, Brego. Brego has a great moment where he helps Aragorn get on his back after he has fallen in a river and is wounded. Brego then carries Aragorn all the way back to Helm’s Deep.
Mr Jingles: Brego is the best!
BFF: He is. Interestingly, Viggo Mortensen (who played Aragorn) bought the horse that played Brego in the film after filming had finished, because he loved the horse so much.
Mr Jingles: Haha that’s stupid. I hope the horse kicked his butt and ran away.

Neigh or Nay? Neigh, because all these horses are cool. Humans are stupid.

Have we missed any important horse cameos off our list? Let us know below, people!

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