Top 10 storms in film

#10 – Sharknado

Erm, hello? There was a tornado with SHARKS in it! And they didn’t just get blown onto the ground and die, either, no – they totally adjusted to their non-water surroundings and chomped the bejesus out of everyone. The sneaky bastards.


#9 – The Perfect Storm

Clue’s in the name*, guys.
*except not really, cos it’s only number 9 on our stormy stormy, oh so stormy, list.


#8 – The Wizard Of Oz

That storm picked up houses and threw them SO BLOODY HARD that they sailed into completely different dimensions. With witches and monkeys with wings. When you see a winged monkey, then we’ll start ranking Old Jude as serious, yeah?


#7 – The Day After Tomorrow

Wolves. Snow. Rain. Terrible acting – this film had it all. Except a viable scientific explanation. But you know what? Who cares. It was a grand old bloody storm and it raised our expectations of storms VERY VERY HIGH INDEED!


#6 – Winnie The Pooh

It was a very blustery night, which saw the arrival of Tigger to the Hundred Acre Wood. And the very blustery night turned into a very blustery day and utterly destroyed Owl’s treehouse. Seriously. It utterly DESTROYED it. As a child, that shizzle was traumatic.


#5 – Labyrinth

Bad storm, eh? Are you in the middle of a bad storm? Until David Bowie turns up as a frikkin barn owl and takes your baby sibling to be a goblin, you’re fine. You’re seriously fine.


#4 – Twister

Cows get picked up by tornadoes and are thrown bodily across American states. Seen any cows flying past yet? Didn’t think so.


#3 – The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

When Gandalf reckons it’s too stormy to go over the mountain, you know things have got to be bad. Like, really bad.


#2 – Jurassic Park

It was just a bit of rain, sure, but it was a bit of rain with a bloody T. rex in the middle of it. Power cuts are only bad if there are electric fences and prehistoric beasts to contend with, ok? Otherwise we can just eat cereal, light some candles and stop our bloody belly aching.


#1 – The Shining

Strike that, power cuts are also much scarier when you’re trapped in a haunted hotel with a psychotic Jack Nicholson. Which, awkwardly, I am. Best go hide the axes before he gets all redrum on me, eh?


What’s your favourite storm? Is it this one happening right now? Or is it the one with DINOSAURS in it? Thought so.

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