Top 3 casino scenes in film

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#3 – High Roller

One movie in which a top casino scene is feature is High Roller. This movie is based upon the life of poker star, Stu Unger. One of the most memorable scenes in this movie occurs when Unger is at his third World Series of Poker games.


#2 – The Cincinnati Kid

A second top casino scene can be found in the movie, The Cincinnati Kid. Based around the game of poker, this movie chronicles the quest of the title character to become one of the best poker players ever. Of all the exciting scenes in the movie, the best is probably the scene where the last poker hand is played between the Cincinnati Kid and his experienced rival.


#1 – Rounders

The 1998 movie, Rounders, also features the game of poker. In this movie, a former poker player returns to the world of casino gaming. After some serious losses, he finds he owes money to the mob. The poker playing within this film is quite authentic. Although a flop when it was released, the movie has since gained cult status for poker fans.


Given the age of the game of poker, it is probably of little surprise that there are many different offshoots that have developed over the years. Many of these can be found at online casinos. You can play the best mobile casino games in the UK at One form of poker is known as draw poker. In this type of poker, players are able to discard unwanted cards to receive new ones which could improve the value of their hand. Stud poker is the opposite. With this type of poker, players are not dealt additional cards but must retain the ones they are first dealt.


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