Top 5 Places To Rent Films In The UK

Oh sure, you could hit up any of those online DVD rental places. Sure you could download your movie *whispers* illegally from the internet. And, sure, you could probably buy the DVD – if you have money to burn, that’s your call. We, on the other hand, have taken a moment to salute our favourite independent DVD rental stores. There’s just nothing quite like a journey to a quietly buzzing shop, packed to the brim with titles, not to mention all the film buffs dying to share their opinion with you. In fact, it’s the only cool way to rent films in the UK. And, sadly for all of these stores, dark times lie ahead. Bloody internet making life bloody easier. So why don’t y’all take a leaf out of our book and, instead of hitting up your favourite download site, visit one of these 5 stores when you next need to sate your lust for film…


#5 – The Film Shop

If you fancy an unbeatable browsing experience, the possibility of human interaction and the chance for a fiery film debate, you need to get yo’ ass to Islington. The Film Shop not only offers hundreds of great titles, but it also has a sweet deal. Think unlimited rentals for just £15 a month – 3 at a time, as many times as you like. That’s some serious film buff worthy stuff, isn’t it?


#4 – Video Emporium

The Video Emporium combines the convenience of the internet with the knowledge you’ve put yourself into expert hands! These smart guys in Cambridge have got the ultimate set-up here; pick your film online, place your order and, as if by magic, it’ll arrive. Or you could just get up off your meat-seat and browse the shelves yourself – the choice is yours!


#3 – Alphabet Video & DVD

Sure, Scotland is a fair distance to travel for a fab flick rental but, let’s face it, there’s some pretty die-hard film buffs out there. In fact, it’s a journey worthy of a Fellowship. If you’re a mad-for-movies hobbit, hit up Alphabet asap. It’s stacked the bursting with all the mainstream and cult lovelies you need in your life, not to mention the fact that it’s staffed with the sort of people who will tell you exactly WHY you need it in your life. Plus, there’s a rumour they do three DVDs and a tub of Ben And Jerry’s delicious ice cream for a tenner. Those Scots know how to pose a good deal, don’t they? Information, entertainment AND nourishment; bloody marvellous.


#2 – Video City

Simon, the proprietor of Video City is purportedly the ‘finest cinephile’ to grace the streets of London and, boy, does his shop prove it! Excellent titles, a friendly buzzing atmosphere and smack-bang in Notting Hill gate, this is pretty much your one-stop shop for old-school cool in the city!


#1 – 20th Century Flicks

What could be cooler than a converted pub stacked to the brim with DVDs? Nothing, that’s what! It is for this reason that 20th Century Flicks is absolutely awesome. And you get a pretty awesome membership card. It’s black and gold and oh-so-stylish. Add this to the fab guys behind the counter, complete with their very own listings and up-to-date recommendations, and you have a recipe for ultimate film night success. A bit like walking into the shop from High Fidelity but, you know, with films instead of vinyls. And two ordinary guys in jeans as opposed to John Cusack and Jack Black. SAME DIFFERENCE THOUGH!

Do you know a great place to rent DVDs? Share the wealth!

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