Top Ten Children’s TV programmes that should be made into movies

Children’s films have never been bigger. Whether it is the smash hit success stories from Pixar and Dreamworks that gets you chuckling, or the offbeat cartoonish fare from Disney and Aardman, there is a whole host of talented people out there in need of some ideas to keep the ball rolling. So here at Best For Film, we thought we would dig up some of our (repressed) childhood memories, and suggest a few adaptations they might like to consider.

10. Just William
This is a slight cheat, as it is more a book than a TV show. But lovable rogue William has had many TV adaptations, and he is long overdue for a good film. With the Narnia chronicles reigniting our love of nostalgic children’s tales, surely the time is ripe for a new Just William film? Just think- Will Poulter who stole the show in The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader could play William. They just have to get on with it before he gets too old!

9. Trumpton
Definitely one for stop motion animation to consider, who didn’t love Trumpton and its merry band of firemen? Pugh, Pugh! Barney McGrew! Cuthbert! Dibble! and Grubb! C’mon, I can’t be the only one that remembers them? Just think- it could be Bridget Jones for the countryside: a lovable fireman and his calamitous friends, village life and a budding romance. Plus an eclectic cast of extras in the form of batty villagers. Brilliant.

8. The Clangers
Ok, this one might be difficult to spin out for seventy minutes. But would it not make a fantastic film to watch when drunk? You might have to add in some dialogue, as the squeaking will get very annoying otherwise, but a film about mice, outer space and a soup dragon? Pure genius.

7. The Moomins
Here is one for the Arthouse directors out there. A family of weird troll creatures who look like hippos with an identity crisis live in Moomin Valley, which is in a forest in Finland. While the story is so vague you could do what you liked, imagine if an old school illustrator was called in? Think The Illusionist (Arthouse French version) meets Fantasia (the bit with the dancing hippos. Obviously).

6. Muffin The Mule
Following the popularity of Bullseye in Toy Story, why not bring back Muffin the Mule? The puppet used to dance on pianos- perfect then, for an animated musical. Following the continued success of The Muppets, puppets are still in vogue. Therefore it only seems logical to have a Morcombe and Wise style Christmas special but with a mule as the lead. Logical, and right in every way.

5. Roland Rat
Why not jump on the Flushed Away/ Ratatouille ‘rats are cool’ bandwagon and make a film starring Sir Roland Rat, of King’s Cross fame. Ok, so I didn’t actually know he supposedly lives under King’s Cross station but hey- live and learn. Anyway, the cheeky lovable rat is pretty opinionated so maybe he could make a Michael Moore style documentary on the conditions amongst homeless rats? Or obese rats having to rely on the ratHS for gastric mini rat bands? I’d pay to see that.

4. Blue Peter
Everyone has a favourite presenter, a favourite childhood memory. Why not ruin them all with a behind the scenes film focusing on the ‘real’ life of a presenter, how Blue Peter ruins their relationships and turns them into a shell of a person who can only mutter ‘Here’s one I made earlier’ under their breath whilst roaming the streets. Or, a nice version, a bit like Moring Glory, but with the staff working on Blue Peter instead of an American breakfast show. And preferably without Rachel McAdams.

3. Mighty Max
It would be a young version of Indiana Jones, but even more mental! The baddie could be played by Arnie, the legendary Thor features (because he hasn’t been in enough films recently ) and the storyline references Atlantis, Arthurian legend and Greek mythology. Therefore, an exciting action film that could also be educational for the kids. It’s a win-win.

2. Sharkey and George
Fish detectives of the sea, Sharkey and George deserve to solve a crime caper that is longer than ten minutes. As well as having a seriously good jingle, Sharkey and George form a brilliant good cop bad cop partnership, making Starsky and Hutch look dull by comparison. Sharkey even wears a Humphrey Bogart style Fedora, meaning as well as being intelligent and cool, these fish are also fashionable. A film that would work on multiple levels.

1. Danger Mouse
A James Bond parody featuring a mouse? Why has this not been made! Pixar should have been all over this after the success of The Incredibles. Danger Mouse is cooler than James Bond, being able to speak 34 languages and knows the ancient martial art of Kung Moggy. Plus the villains have better names than in James Bond- Stiletto Mafiosa just inspires terror. Maybe the film could focus on why Danger Mouse never mentions FiFi- is she the Vesper Lynd character of his past?

So there you have it- some classics that need to be made. Comic books have been done a bit too much, The Simpsons has made its movie, so for new inspiration film makers really should look to the past and the golden age of kids TV.

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