300 Prequel On Its Way

Get ready for more blood, guts and digitally-enhanced abs, because the prequel to that most macho of ancient battle epics, 300, is now officially in the works.

The film, titled Xerxes, will focus on the battle of Marathon in 490BC, 10 years before the Sparta-Persia battle chronicled in 300 took place. For those not so up on their ancient scraps, this one is Greeks vs Persians, with a little help from their shirtless Spartan buddies.

The story goes that, faced with a Persian force of 10 times their own number, the Greeks sent a runner 150 miles to Sparta to call for reinforcements – hence the modern day marathon event that involves a shitload of running. Obviously the power of all those oiled-up chests had its desired effect, as the Greeks won the day despite being outnumbered.

Historically though, the Persian emperor Xerxes didn’t have a role in this particular battle – his father Darius was still ruling the roost – so we’re guessing there’ll be some fudging of facts to make the film work. At any rate, Frank Miller, whose graphic novel formed the basis of 300, is well at work juggling history already.

“I’ve finished the plot and I’m getting started on the artwork”, Miller said. “It’s the battle of Marathon through my lens.”

 No word as to whether Rodrigo Santoro will return as Xerxes, or whether the Athenians will be wearing as little clothing as their Spartan neighbours.

Will you be going to see the 300 prequel when it comes out? Or was one film of a shouty Gerard Butler with painted on pecs enough for you? Let us know below.

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