The seemingly never-ending casting for Tom Hooper’s Les Mis kept us in snarky news stories for months on end, and to be honest we were actually a bit put out when we’d finally collected ’em all. What were we supposed to talk about now? EVEN MORE BITS OF stills from Avengers Assemble? Pfft. Lucky then that now every day seems to bring a new photo of a cast member in costume, meaning we can happily carry on listening to the original West End sountrack on repeat. It’s research. Anyway, BLOOMIN ECK ANNE HATHAWAY DOESN’T HAVE HAIR ANYMORE!

In what horrible magazines will no doubt soon be calling a Move To A Pixie Crop or something, Anne Hathaway has cut all her hair off in a manner very similar to that of her character Fantine who has to, at some point, cut all her hair off. So it’s not exactly that much of a surpise. The photo below first emerged on, and was taken in Soho, where a good amount of hair can get you, at best, a sambuka shot and a kebab.

So that means so far we’ve had a good gander at Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, Russell Crowe as Javert and now our lass Anne as poor old baldy Fantine. Who’s going to be next? Our money’s on Eddie Redmayne, and he’s WELL gonna be wearing a lovely jacket. You heard it here first.

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