Bruce Willis in new clip from A Good Day to Die Hard

Your Monday morning doesn’t get much better than this. In a new clip from A Good Day to Die Hard, detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) proves to us that he’s nowhere near collecting his pension as he causes a ruckus in Russia. We’re certainly not left in any speculation over whether Bruce Willis can handle any more snazzy John McClane moves. By the looks of things we’re never going to get away from it.

Check out the clip below!

That’s right, you just saw Bruce Willis get hit by a truck, get back up and punch an angry Russian in the face. He probably deserved it; who runs over John McClane? Then again, he pretty much walked into the truck. ANYWHO, if that wasn’t enough action for you before lunchtime, Willis gives us some of that beloved McClane wit before causing a car crash and driving off a bridge, as well as driving over a few unsuspecting civilians in their cars. I mean, seriously. THIS CLIP IS LESS THAN A MINUTE LONG! Well done, McClane, is all we can say. Well done.

It also looks like we’ll be in for some more sparkling one-liners in A Good Day to Die Hard. Never quite managing to top the old chestnut from the first Die Hard – ‘Yippee ki yay, mother fucker’ – Bruce Willis leaves us begging for more at the end of this clip; cracking a knock knock joke to himself, perhaps? Who knows with that old jokester. A Good Day to Die Hard lands in cinemas on February 14.

Yippee ki yay, mother Russia. Yes?… No?

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