Cameron Diaz gets her swearing on in Bad Teacher

It looks like the golden-faced Cameron Diaz is a bit sick of being seen as America’s sweetheart – the first trailer for the upcoming Bad Teacher is essentially just two and a half minutes of her swearing in front of various incredulous characters. Does this a good comedy make? We’re not really sure yet. But still, look, look at Cameron Diaz using all the bad words! Swearing and stuff! Yeah!

Bad Teacher centres on a middle-school teacher Elizabeth (Diaz) who couldn’t care less about her job. Deciding that she needs to settle down with some rich bloke, her dreams seem to come true when an extremely well off young substitute teacher (Justin Timberlake no less) comes to town. But there’s a problem – his previous girlfriend had massive jugs, and Elizabeth believes the secret to winning his heart is getting a boob job. Right. So she has to become a really good teacher in order to win some sort of prize… admittedly, the plot sounds a little dodgy, but hey, Jason Segel is in it! So it’s got to be good, right? Jury is firmly out on this one. Take a look and see what you reckon…

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