Cedar Rapids trailer now online

John C Reilly and Ed Helms? Yes please. Reilly is just one of our favourite actors ever, and when combined with the comedy force that is Ed Helms (think The Office and The Hangover if you’re not already), we’re confident that the result will be lark-some.

The two are starring in Cedar Rapids; a comedy about a normal, straight-laced bloke (Helms) who’s life seems to be passing him by. On route to an insurance convention, he’s warned by his father that whatever happens, he mustn’t musn’t get involved with Dean Zidler (Reilly) – an infamous party boy and fellow insurance salesman. You don’t exactly have to be a genuis to figure out what happens next. It looks like damn good Hangover-eque fun, and we can’t wait to finally see the extremely talented Helms in a starring role. Check out the trailer below, and see what you make of it. Super-awesome.

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