Charlie Sheen’s Charles Swan gets racy new posters

Charlie Sheen, as you may have heard, is starring as a Charlie Sheen-esque playboy in Roman Coppola’s latest, A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III. With America getting a look-in on February 8th, there aren’t any details yet on when it’ll reach UK shores, but information keeps trickling out slowly. This new batch of saucy posters is doing a fine job of keeping our interest stoked. Titillation onward:

We like these very much. Charlie Sheen is playing a graphic designer so it makes sense that the posters for Charles Swan should have a modicum of thought behind them. And a sleazy porn element, since the graphic designer is played by Charlie Sheen. Frankly, we’re sick of posters that slap an ensemble together in grid formation. Underscoring each mini portrait in BOLD LETTERING with a character name and their designated role in the film leaves exactly nothing to the imagination. It’s lazy, and it’s become the norm. A lot of current movie posters are a hand-holding cock-slap from Hollywood that aims to dump as much information in your eyes as possible.

The cock-slapping here is more literal, but in its own perverse way Charles Swan‘s posters are infinitely more tasteful than the norm. Posters – and to a far greater extent trailers – shouldn’t spell out every detail of a film in the fear that people will be unable to follow Bilbo’s adventures or Bond’s globe-trotting without endlessly recycled prior knowledge. WE ARE NOT CHILDREN. More cocks please.

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