Check out this awesome Movie Villains supercut

Listen, yeah. We’ve all had a long hard day what with the Boyle news and this shocking development in the world of toys. So, because it’s dangerously near to the end of the week and we’re all tired, why not just sit back, relax and watch this cool supercut of 101 Movie Villains? We’re not sure there actually are 101 villains in there (can somebody count them please?) but we do know that it’s pretty sweet, what with the X-Men/Inception soundtrack and the fact that villains are the BEST.

Check it out, minions:

Dayum, villains are so much cooler than heroes. WE WANT TO BE BADDIES TOOOOOO!

Who is your favourite cinematic villain? Is it Renesmee in Twilight? It is, isn’t it.

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