Cloud Atlas trailer is the most spectacular trailer ever made

Well BFF followers are you just the luckiest people? The Olympics start tonight! Yeah, that’s not actually all that much fun or exciting, except we are pretty keen as film people to see what Danny Boyle had managed to achieve… You are lucky because yesterday we gave you a multitude of new photos from upcoming film Cloud Atlas based on the book by David Mitchell, and now we bring you the trailer!

And what a trailer it is. Brace yourself what is perhaps one of the most beautiful and epic (it is over 5 minutes long but epic in every sense) trailer you are likely to see this year. It puts Oz: The Great and Powerful to shame, which we thought would be hard to do…

Isn’t that just the most wonderful thing you have ever seen? We have to be perfectly honest that our hopes were not particularly high for this film (the book was way pretentious) but having seen this we have drastically changed our minds. Hopefully the trailer isn’t just a showcase of all of the good bits… Come on now Cloud Atlas, don’t you disappoint us! After all of the super heroes and Aaron Cross action this summer we are looking forward to a more arty autumn.

Cloud Atlas is out in cinemas in October.

Magnificent or overly long? Let us know what you think!

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