Cockneys vs Zombies gets bloodsoaked trailer

Things are really beginning to liven up now with Cockneys vs Zombies. Last week we brought you the first look at the film’s official poster and now we can bring you the gun-toting, blood spraying slashfest trailer. Here at BFF we have been rather suspicious of this film for some time now. Zombies? Really? It’s 2012 for crying out loud! Have we not grown out of this z-stuff already? Anyway the trailer is here and it looks like everyone is in real Barney Rubble, so ‘ave a butchers and see what all of the fuss is about.

To be honest, if this didn’t have the whole kick-ass grandad and retirement home element then we would be sidelining Cockneys vs Zombies to the Strippers vs Werewolves shelf of shite. However, this actually looks pretty darn fun. Yes, it owes a lot to British Z classic Shaun of the Dead and it is a bit outdated (zombies are like, so 2007), but perhaps this will be the film to revive the zombie genre back from the dead. The film ‘stars’ Michelle Ryan of “you ain’t my mother” fame alongside other such notable names as Honor Blackman, Alan Ford (Strippers vs Werewolves…) and the wonderful Richard Briers as the one with the zimmer frame.

We’re still not 100% sold on Cockneys vs Zombies but it comes out on 31st August so there isn’t long to wait and possibly eat our words. As long as the words don’t come served with a side of intestines…

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