Crazy, Stupid, Love Trailer Online

I’m having a hard time deciding whether or not I like the look of the latest Steve Carell project: Crazy, Stupid, Love. On one hand it has a completely generic romcom plot, plus it’s Steve Carell (c’mon, he’s just a little hit-and-miss). On the other, it’s got Julianne Moore, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, who are fabulous (and Gosling’s usually an indie staple), plus the trailer looks like a cut above the average bimbo vehicle.

Carell plays Cal, whose wife Emily (Julianne Moore) is divorcing him, leaving him understandably down in the dumps. He takes to moping around bars and there meets Jacob (Ryan Gosling), an uber stud-type, and asks for some tips on picking up the ladies. Jacob takes Cal under his wing and teaches him the game, but of course Cal realises that all he wants is to have Emily back. Then there’s Hannah (Emily Stone) who Jacob may be falling in love with.

So far, so Hitch; and I’m having trouble envisioning Steve Carell as anything approaching studly. But maybe – just maybe – Crazy, Stupid, Love will have something more to offer than every other romcom going. Otherwise, just enjoy the gratuitous shots of Ryan Gosling’s torso.

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