De Niro, Freeman, Douglas and Kline in Last Vegas trailer

Everybody’s so tired in the world today. That’s something we can all agree on, right? Living the post-post-modern experience is just physically and mentally EXHAUSTING. You have to spend all your time thinking about what everything means and worrying about whether or not you’re emotionally available and crying guilt tears because they just turned that book shop you love into a Costa but GODDAMNIT it’s just so convenient for your morning coffee. IT’S A VERY CONFUSING, TIRING TIME TO BE A HUMAN IS ALL I’M SAYING.

But sometimes a thing comes along, a really great thing to remind you why you should keep going. Like when we all watched The Tree of Life and wept at the beauty of existence, or when Ronnie Corbett fell off the treadmill in that Amarillo video. Other times, of course, things like the trailer for Last Vegas happen and you are briefly confronted with the brutal, unflinching, soullessness of humanity.


Last Vegas is directed by Jon “National Treasure” Turteltaub and tells the story of three friends in their sixties who take a break from their day-to-day lives to throw a bachelor party for a friend. In Las Vegas, of course. It stars Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline and Robert De Niro (nothing’s been the same since New Year’s Eve has it Robert?) and it’s…I don’t know. This could be OK, in the way that any comedy film about a group of grouchy old men letting their hair down and reliving their youth is OK. Wild Hogs was fine, probably. This film will also probably be fine, and I’m sure there’s a very good reason why Michael Douglas’s face looks like a very soft red leather handbag, and why Kevin Kline is doing an “Old Prospector accent”, and why Last Vegas exists as a film.

Ssshh. It’s OK. Everything will probably be just fine.

Last Vegas is out on the 20th December just in time to obliterate all Christmas joy. You psyched?

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