Diaries out! The Golden Globes is set for January 13, 2013

It’s official; the Golden Globes are set to take place on Sunday 13th January in 2013. That gives us plenty of time to bag ourselves a new outfit for the red carpet and, we suppose, direct or star in a major movie.

Canny film award ceremony fans will have noticed that the Globes are going to happen ever so slightly earlier than usual, meaning the glitzy event will occur 2 days BEFORE the Oscar nominations are revealed. That’s been done so that Hollywood party animals can still have a good ol’ knees up if they win – new AMPAS regulations had meant that there’s now a big restriction on parties taking place post-nomination.

Take THAT, party poopers! The Golden Globes winners can still let their hair down and clean up in plenty of time for those Oscar nominations.

We’ve still got a while to wait before we find out who makes the cut for the nominations list this year, as the Golden Globe nominees won’t be announced until December 13, 2012. We’re already predicting that Michelle Williams may have bagged herself a place on there for Best Actress (seriously, go and see Take This Waltz already!) but there are rumours about to suggest that films such as The Impossible (a true-life account of the 2005 Tsunami), The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Chronicle could also find themselves up for consideration.

Who would you like to see make the Golden Globes 2013 nominations list?

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