Dinosaurs vs Aliens Trailer Released

We all love aliens. We also all love dinosaurs. But putting the two together? Woah there, crazy people! The world may not be ready yet for such an idea. Apparently though, Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld disagrees; he’s teamed up with comic book writer Grant Morrison to create a brand new graphic novel which will also be turned into a movie at a later date.


Dominion: Dinosaurs vs Aliens (to give it its full title) is about what might have happened had aliens tried to invade the Earth when it was ruled by the dinosaurs. Now, our understanding is that dinosaurs might not have been the smartest of creatures, apart from Raptors of course. We all know from Sam Neill that they can open doors without even breaking a nail (and why would Sam Neill lie to us?) So we are a bit baffled about why dinosaurs would really give a toss that they were being invaded. Surely aliens would be a tasty little morsel for them to munch on? If this is going to be a feature film then some serious anthropomorphising must certainly have to go on. Still stranger things have happened, (The Land Before Time for example).

Whilst the feature film may always just remain a distant dream for Sonnenfeld, he and Morrison have finished the graphic novel and have also created a motion comic trailer for us to enjoy. Until the day it is made I am sure we see plenty more random creature vs something strange films to content us. Unlike the dinosaurs there are some things that will never die off. http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-v-ukraine.html http://credit-n.ru/zaymi-online-blog-single.html

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