Django Unchained leaks new images

Continuing our sworn duty to report every shred, morsel and speck of Django Unchained-related ephemera, let’s take a gander at some new pics of expertly-named chaps Walton Goggins and Don Johnson in their Southern finery.

You may know Walton Goggins from superior TV drama such as The Shield and Justified, or perhaps from inferior (always the way) films like Cowboys & Aliens and Predators. Along with upcoming award-vacuum Lincoln, Django Unchained will also benefit from his Alabama drawl. Goggins will play Leonardo DiCaprio’s nasty slave trainer Billy Crash in a role we enjoy imagining will result in a Zed-like comeuppance for the charismatic actor. More S&M dungeons, please!

Don Johnson cuts a considerably classier figure, thoughtfully reclining in an all-white suit. He may resemble Colonel Sanders via the Man From Del Monte, but playing a rival slave owner, he probably won’t end up as beloved a figure as either. Given the ‘do and chin hair, a fate similar to Vincent Vega wouldn’t feel out of place.

Django Unchained continues its generous drip-feed of badass teasers, bad-asser posters and potentially a bad-assest nine-minute trailer, rumoured to drop sometime next week. As ever, the UK will be playing with North America’s hand-me-downs, receiving Quentin Tarantino’s Christmas present on 18th January 2013.

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