Doctor Who to warp onto the big screen

Today, geeks from across the world and beyond will have been celebrating. From London to Gallifrey, the news that there’s to be a new Doctor Who film with no-doubt be met with joy, especially given the man who looks to be behind the project: David Yates, director of the last four Harry Potter films.

Many may have concerns about another attempt to put the Time Lord on the big screen, especially if they remember the rather disastrous 1996 feature-film. Paul McGann’s all very well, but there’s a time and place for him, which does not include all time and all space.

Still, if there’s one director with a proven track record of staying true to their source material, while still cutting away the detritus, it’s David Yates. No word on the writing team yet (although Yates doesn’t consider it essential for them all to be British) and who might play the Doctor himself is equally unknown. It’ s a few years down the line, though, so Matt Smith will probably be dead by then.

In the series, that is…

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