Eddie Murphy and his love for talking animals

The Misadventures of Fluffy is Eddie Murphy’s forthcoming offering to the world of cinema. With a title like that, its success is debatable. Gone are the days where Eddie Murphy was actually funny. It seems that ever since Coming to America, his career has been a downward spiral of family ‘comedies’, fat suits and talking animals, the latter of which Murphy must really love.

From playing Mushu the Dragon in Mulan to the Shrek’s annoying sidekick Donkey (perhaps his most credible role of the past ten years) Murphy, has really been in touch with his animal instincts lately. Let us not forget his role in the Dr. Dolittle films where he played the kooky vet who could communicate with creatures. Well, The Misadventures of Fluffy is another film which will allow him to unleash the beast within.

Don’t be fooled by the vomit-inducing, cutesy title though because actually, for the first time in what seems like forever, it’s not for the entertainment of children and families. Brace yourselves – the film is R-Rated. Yes, R. That’s even higher than an 18. Shocking, we know! The combination of a plot-line very similar to that of John Landis’ 1983 comedy Trading Places, talking animals and an R certificate, we’re not really sure what to expect. But with a name like The Misadventures of Fluffy to throw us off track it’s probably going to be gruesome. Hopefully a fat suit will be involved too…he does have a reputation to live up to after all.

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