Emma Thompson to write Will Smith’s Annie remake

Oscar-winning screenwriter (and, you know, actress) Emma Thompson has confirmed that she will be writing the book for a new version of classic musical Annie, to be produced by Will Smith as a vehicle for his daughter Willow.

Thompson, who won her second Oscar in 1995 for her adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, will be collaborating with hippity-hoppity music person Jay-Z on the film. Mr Z will be laying down phat beats on ‘Tomorrow’ and demanding that all the orphans break-dance, or something.

Will Smith can scarcely be separated from Emma Thompson at the moment, with their film Men in Black 3 due out today/yesterday/next month (time travel’s a bitch) and a previous collaboration in I Am Legend already under their respective belts. In unrelated (or is it?) news, earlier this month Will and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith were forced (for the second time in under a year) to address persistent rumours that they are to divorce. We’re going to be the first to call AFFAIR! They look so pretty together…

Cambridge! Philly! Has love ever crossed such boundaries?

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