Another X-Men image (this one’s an apology)

We have to say, we were more than a little worried this morning. When we heard that yet another X-Men image had turned up online we toyed with not looking at it at all, for fear of what it might contain. Considering the slippery slope of quality we’ve been experiencing thus far, gosh only knows what was going to hit our eyes; a cat with James McAvoy’s face? Michael Fassbender with the words “WE F*CK YO’ SHIT UP, HUMANS” shaved into his chest? Luckily, it’s neither.

Oh thank Christ, it’s just lovely Havoc looking at some fire.

We’d love to tell you what’s going on in the scene, but the long and short of it is we don’t know. Nor do we particularly care; something is on fire, and there isn’t a horrendous photoshop disaster in sight. These are, as of now, the only criteria we have. How low we have sunk… we’re going to go and watch the trailer again. We still believe, team X-Men! Please, stop hurting those who care the most!

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