Extremely Loud Trailer Makes Us Weep

Fancy an early-morning cry? Yeah, of COURSE you do! Any film which depicts Tom Hanks dying is bound to get people sobbing in the cinema and, when you add a touch of 9/11 trauma and a little boy with a painful secret, you have a recipe for some serious film-induced misery.

Think we’re kidding? Check out the trailer:

U2s Where The Streets Have No Name and a young fatherless boy running around Ground Zero? Yiesh. It even made hardened Best For Film critics Natasha and Caroline cry. That’s incredible. So is this going to be something amazing or something amazingly cheesy and clich├ęd?

Please. Sandra Bullock sobbing and Tom Hanks talking to us from beyond the GRAVE? Of course it’s going to be amazing. Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close will be hitting UK cinemas February 3rd 2012 and we can’t wait to get our eyes full of this Oscar-bound tragedy.

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