Fourth Bourne film gets a director

Much like The Sugababes (we start most news stories with that statement), it could be that the final Bourne product ends up looks absolutely nothing like its first incarnation. We’ve heard today that writer Tony Gilroy has taken over from Paul Greengrass as the director of Bourne: Legacy, and there’s no Matt Damon confirmation in sight. Lordy.

Tony Gilroy was responsible for the last two Bourne scripts, and was apparently unhappy with how his writing was handled by Greengrass. He’s also dipped his toe in the directing pool with Michael Clayton and Duplicity, so it could be that he’s a good choice to helm the franchise now that Greengrass is out. So the question now is, will Matt Damon change his mind and agree to a fourth film? In the past he’s been fairly vocal about his loyalty to Greengrass, but the right number of 0’s on a cheque can often change everything. Watch this space.

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