Full Piranha 3DD trailer launche-BOOBS FISH BOOBS FISH BOOBS

We’ve still got no bloody idea when it’s being released, but the first full trailer for fish’n’funbags 3D sequel Piranha 3DD has hit the net – and it’s every bit as overflowing with blood, silicone and Hasselhoff as we wanted. Oh, and Ving Rhames still has guns for legs. And Christopher Lloyd has got even better piranha chat than he did last time. “Sometimes they’ll swim into pipes!”. Shit yes, brother.

Just watch it. Watch it immediately.

Wow. Everything’s better with multiple, laboured Jaws references, isn’t it? Other highlights included David Koechner replacing all the lifeguards with “water-safe” strippers, the Hoff coldly resettling his sunnies as he watches everyone get eaten to death (“I’m not a lifeguard. Never was.”) and this extraordinary still:

Sushi for lunch, anyone?

Piranha 3DD is out at some point.

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